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38. Why I didn’t quit GTD with Jukka Backman

Why haven’t you quit GTD?

That topic recently came up in a conversation with Jukka Backman, partner and managing director for GTD in Finland. Triggered by the article in The New Yorker titled “The rise and fall of Getting Things Done”, we wanted to share some thoughts on this and similar articles in this episode.

37. New Years Resolutions with GTD®

How do New Years Resolutions play into a GTD system?

In this episode you will hear Morten and Lars’ takes on:
– How these might look in a GTD system
– How micro habits can help you establish new habits and help you achieve your goals
– How to establish the Weekly Review as a solid base for your GTD practice in 2021

36. Living in a digital world: Interview with Imran Rashid

n this last episode of 2020, we’ll shift our GTD focus slightly (just for an episode) and zoom in on how we live our digital lives. This episode features an interview with with Imran Rashid, Danish doctor, entrepreneur and author, to get a doctor’s perspective on what to be aware of in today’s digital world.

35. Preparing for Christmas with GTD®

Christmas is approaching, how could you use GTD in your own Christmas (or other holiday) preparations?

Listen to this episode to hear more about:
– How you can use checklist in your Christmas preparations
– Which projects you might set up in preparation for Christmas
– How you might do different Weekly Reviews, both as we approach Christmas and perhaps in the holiday period

and much more!

33. Getting Things Wrong®

What are the most common mistakes that self-taught GTD’ers do?

Listen to this episode to hear Morten and Lars go through some of the most common mistakes, such as:
– Due date overdose
– Colour-coding everything
– Leaving things unclarified
– Having an incomplete projects list


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