iPhone/iPad Setup Guides PDF


Our best-practices guides for implementing GTD® with the iPhone® or iPad®. 27 pages for each guide.

These Guides will show you how to:
– Understand the fundamental GTD best practices
– Optimally configure the built-in iPhone and iPad applications in the way we have found works best for GTD
– Productively use the Calendar application
– Process and organize email in the Email application
– Create project and next action lists in the Reminders application
– Create useful reference lists in the Notes application
… and much more!

Note: These Guides intentionally do not cover third-party applications for the iPhone or iPad, or provide extensive instructions on syncing options.

Denne PDFen og innholdet er beskyttet av lov om opphavsrett. Det betyr at du kjøper en personlig kopi som ikke skal spres aktivt eller passivt til andre.

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